Billy Bob just kept on smiling and ignored the mullet jokes, he knew that no one else could boast their mom was their half sister and their dad was their uncle. 

Pattern: Mullet.

Terry caressed his trusty matches of doom as he watched 10 Downing Street burn to the ground. What Glenys didn't know, was that his innocent looking tank top was actually a suicide bomb vest as well.

Pattern: Terry Top
Liam was really happy his mum had knitted him a new pimp outfit - he would no doubt command so much more respec' from his pimps n' whores now he had anchors on his flares.

Pattern: Pimp
Tommy looked back and giggled at the two mile traffic tailback he'd created on the M4, he didn't care - he'd discovered his teenage son's whacky backy.

Pattern: Colin Tractor
Sheila was at the end of a long day turning tricks, nervertheless she grabbed her gimp outfit, put on her best "I'm coping" smile and headed for the door.

Pattern: Tricks.

Dominic humoured his teacher's lesson in elementary chemistry, but secretly couldn't wait to get back to his meth lab.

Pattern: Chemist.
David delighted knowing that his little brother still hadn't realised he weed in his milk. Quite the reverse, he seemed to like it more.

Pattern: Milk